Grade 2 FI

Welcome to Pineland Public School and our Grade 2 French Immersion Program! We are so excited and happy you and your family have chosen this program.

Copy of 2023/24Pineland Grade 2 FI orientation

Please click on any of the documents below for information about helping your child acquire the French language with practice at home.

05.2 Parent Guide to Supporting Child in French
Copy of 02 - Grade Two French Immersion Registration Information: Updated 2021

What to expect the first FEW weeks....

Students can expect:

During the first few weeks, your child may come home very tired. This is normal, as for a large portion of the day, their brains are processing information - they are "on" for most of the day. Teachers do their best to help students acclimate to the language, however it is nonetheless very tiring for the brain to be processing all day. Allow them lots of down time during the first few weeks.