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posted Feb 21, 2018, 11:42 AM by Michael Courtemanche
Inclement Weather Reminders:
When bus transportation is cancelled, it is cancelled for the entire day. Parents who bring their children to school when buses are cancelled, must make arrangements to pick them up at dismissal time.  

When buses are cancelled, all before and after school activities/clubs/meetings are also cancelled.  Please check the Board website or local radio/TV for information re: transportation when there is inclement weather.  

Please remember that parents/guardians who keep their child(ren) at home when schools are open, are required to report this absence before the school day starts. 

The YMCA before and after school care at Pineland is open when the school is open.  For private before/after school care providers, parents/guardians will need to confirm with the provider regarding inclement weather procedures.

Safety Reminders:
Please remember to use care and caution when driving in the neighbourhood during arrival and dismissals times. The parking lot is for staff only and parents/guardians should not be using this area as a pick up or drop off location. We have noticed an increase in people waiting/dropping off in the fire lane - this is not safe and it is illegal. We remind you to make arrangements with your child(ren) and drop off/pick up on a neighbouring street. We have had complaints from neighbours about cars blocking driveways and fire hydrants - please help us be good neighbours by respecting the City of Burlington and school safety signage.

If you are taking your child to the YMCA before school care, we ask that you please use caution when driving in the parking lot and drive slowly.

Thank you for your support in keeping our students, families and community members safe.