Pizza will be supplied by Gino’s Pizza and will be EVERY FRIDAY from October 13th-June 22nd at second break with the exception of holidays/PA days. We are excited to go paperless by using our school cash online payment system! Please log into and sign up by Friday, September 29, 2017. 

There will be 28 Pizza Days with options of cheese or turkey pepperoni! Cost is $1.75/slice for regular dough. For those with Gluten Allergy/Sensitivity we will be running a Gluten Free Pizza program at a cost of $1.85/slice.

Please do not send cash or cheque to school with your child. We are trying to reduce the amount of cash that is handled by students and in our classrooms. If you haven’t registered, please go to to sign up. If you are unable to pay online, parents are asked to make the payment directly with the office.

All money raised will support the School Improvement Plan. If a child is absent the money will be considered a “donation”. There are no refunds for pizza and no “make up” days for snow days. There will be EXTREMELY LIMITED “Pay-as-you go” slices so please sign up now to avoid disappointment!

Thank You
Pineland Office